Online education

Is online education is good?

At present, the internet usage became an essential thing to all and many people hang in internet to access their online banking, online shopping and online travel booking etc.

Apart from all these online services even education is also applicable through online. Initially people know about e books through which they can read their favorite books and they can download it.

Nowadays, there are many options to do your education through online there may be positive thing in this online mode of education such as flexibility, time management, and low costs and it increase the people interest. Apart from all positive things in online educations there are some disadvantages of online school too and most of the students looking for traditional method of education.

disadvantages of online school

Disadvantage of online mode of education:

There are several disadvantages of online learning here some are listed below

  • In online education you cannot judge the quality of the learning or quality of teaching.
  • Moreover most of the online course would not have accreditation, if you are learning in non Accreditation University or board of education there is no use in future.
  • You can also notice that most of online education board is enrolled by some agencies. Whatever amount you pay for online education it is taken by agencies.
  • Mostly online education gives monologue learning that fails to give real life education.
  • In online education it is somewhat difficult to build relationship between mentor and instructor when compared to traditional way of education.
  • In online education you should do lots of assignments, more reading than traditional education.
  • One of the cons of online classes is you need to spend more time in online maximum 10 hours per day to complete your online course.
  • The typical thing in online education is time management, all task, assignment and test have some fixed time limit to complete you should finish all work within given time.
  • More over in online education you will not have spoon feeding, you should be proactive to get all information.
  • If you are doing short courses it is no problem but when you are doing full degree then you should ensure that you are taking right class.

arguments against online education

What thing you need to check while choosing online education?

However, the arguments against online education is getting worst, because they not getting their course certificate, lacking of teaching staff, low process and much more. Some of you are really interested to learn through online for those people you need to check some important things before choosing course in online. You should ensure that the online board or online school has accreditation to university or not and then you have to check how many hours class would he held whether it is in fixed time or the time is up to you. People who are willing to choose online course, they should first think about their time management because in online courses time management is typical one so you should complete all your task, assignment and test within scheduled time.

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