UELMA 2016 Spring Conference

The conference will be held at the Larry H. Miller Megaplex At Jordan Commons, 9400 South State Street, Sandy, UT 84070.  *Please note, Wi-fi will be limited.

*Catch a movie after the conference! From the Divergent Series, Allegiant opens the day of our conference. If there is enough interest, they will run a special matinee right after the conference. Discount tickets will be available at the conference. Please indicate your interest on your registration form.*

*UELMA Conference 2016 attendees who are interested in 7 hours of re-licensure credit for attending the Conference must include their Cactus number, school, and district names on their registration form or at the registration table at the Conference.

*Important Message from UCET:

Check out our main UELMA page at www.uelma.org
Affiliated Organization of AASL
UELMA 2016 Conference
March 18, 2016

Plotting Your Course in a world of change​

We recognize the conflicting dates of our conferences (UELMA, March 18, and UCET March 17 & 18) have placed some of you in a pickle. The UCET Board would like to offer the following to help make this choice a little more palatable. All UELMA members attending the UCET conference on March 17 will receive $12 off the regular $42 one-day price. Please visit https://www.ucet.org/attendees/ for the registration link. In the billing information section of the attendee registration form, you will need a comp code.* You will still need a billing address, but can ignore the rest. You should then see a $30 registration price.

We would also like to offer credit for attending both conferences. We have updated our conference credit information at https://www.ucet.org/attendees/conference-credit/ Your options are one of the following:
   SUU Credit (1 hour)
   USOE Credit (1 hour)
   Licensure Points (up to 14 points)
Please keep in mind there is a bit of homework involved for all but the licensure points option. All credit options will be awarded after the conference based on the completion of the request form.

Thank you for considering attending our conference in addition to UELMA. We hope to see you there!

   -UCET Board

*If you have already registered for the 2016 UELMA Conference and would like to take advantage of this opportunity, then email larry.jeppesen@comcast.net and request the code. If you have not yet registered for UELMA, then that comp code will automatically be sent to you in your confirmation email. If there is a reason that you need to register for both conferences at the same time, and need the UCET comp code before registering for UELMA, again contact Larry.